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Things Change. Does Your Insurance Need To?

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One of the advantages of being an independent broker – for us and for our clients – is that, by knowing our clients’ needs and circumstances, we can find the best policy and best price for that need.

That’s how we get a lot of our new customers. By finding a policy through a provider that maybe they haven’t worked with before at a better price than they were paying before. That approach has helped us build a business which has us serving a lot of customers.

We do a pretty good job of staying in touch with our customers and their changing lives. When a customer has a car accident, we are often the first (OK, second) to hear about it because we’re helping with a claim. That kind of thing. That’s one way we keep in touch with what’s going on and gives us an opportunity to advise our customers.

That being said, things change. Many times, things change in a customer’s life that doesn’t have an obvious connection to insurance but still can have an impact. Like when a child is born, or  a son or daughter goes off to college, if a car gets paid off, or a homeowner gets married. These are things that can affect what kind of policy a customer should have and the rates available to them.

If we haven’t connected in a while,  please contact us. Let’s have a fresh conversation about what’s going on in your lives. There may be a new policy or another company that meets your needs better than what you have now.

It’s often the case that there’s no reason to change anything. You may be all set and still have the best available coverage.

Our job is to keep you with the best coverage, keep you protected, and give you the absolute best price. Want to discuss? Give s a call!

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