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Many of our clients own and insure a variety of things that they don’t use all year. These can be cars, boats, motorcycles, jet skis, snowmobiles, motorhomes. Lots of things.

In Minnesota, most of these things get put into storage for part of the year. If this applies to you, make sure you’re not overpaying for insurance.

Since you’re not using this item, you don’t need Liability coverage. You won’t run into anything if it’s not being driven. Same goes for Collision coverage.

The only coverage you really need is Comprehensive – protection against fire, wind, hail, theft, vandalism.

How do you turn it off? Call us up and tell us it’s in storage or you’re putting it in storage and we’ll arrange to change the coverages based on when you tell us it’s in storage.

How do you turn it on again? Same way. Call us up before you take it back out.

Simple savings.

Post Author: Steve Sarantos

Steve Sarantos spent his first 20 years after education, working in the auto industry, retail, and importing from the orient. Most of the positions were sales, or negotiating with vendors, which gave him a wealth of experience working directly with people and what it takes to make things work for both parties.
When he decided to go into business for himself, insurance seemed like the perfect venue. Help people with something most knew very little about, get the right product for the right price. Everyone has to have it in or form or another, so all you have to do to be successful is be honest, keep your promises, and offer people what they want. Someone to talk to about insurance that will give them choices and straight talk.
After starting Reliable Insurance Network from scratch in 1996, it is now a thriving family business with clients in MN, WI, and AZ. Reliable Insurance Network continues to refine it's processes, use technology to stay flexible, and let clients work with them in whatever way is comfortable for them, and provide top companies and rates along with superior service so everyone is happy.