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We found this article on the Enhanced Insurance Blog and thought you would appreciate the information and perspective.

Carbon Monoxide Risk

There are a number of reasons to be wary of new vehicles that utilize Push Button Start. The first of which is the hidden danger of carbon monoxide poisoning. In some vehicles the push button start is enabled with a controlling key fob. When that fob (containing an electronic signal) is with you in your pocket or purse, you can start and turn off the vehicle with a button.


The hidden danger in that system is whatever you turn off with a button, must be turned off with the button (in some models of car). Walking away from those types of vehicles with the fob will not automatically turn off your engine. For modern cars, it is very possible to not be able to detect an idling engine in a vehicle. If you were to leave a vehicle on in your attached garage, the accumulated carbon monoxide in the bay could enter your home and poison you.

Inconvenient Convenience

While it is apparent to some that having push button start is a “fabulous” option. But what happens when you drive that new $60,000 car to the shopping mall and you leave your push button fob in a store. Until you retrieve or replace the fob (at $300 a crack) you now have a locked out paperweight.

Besides the risk of loss, the keys and fobs can easily be broken leaving you with a hunk of plastic that can’t phone home.

Hacker Enabled

Ever have your computer destroyed by spyware, spam or viruses? Guess what the wireless connection between your fob and your car allows— A handy gateway to your car for a tech savvy thief. If you are used to the constant updates that are needed on your computer to download protection software, you have a good idea of the race car manufactures are in with these car hijackers who want to control your car.

Now I might be willing to put up with the risk of having my car stolen by someone using software to enter my car, but the thought of someone taking over control of my car when I am driving it scares me to death.

First Responder Nightmare

Some first responders have related tales of accidentally bumping and restarting the vehicle while rescuing an accident victim. Accident sites are a very chaotic scene! Imagine trying to locate a key fob in the dead of night with multiple victims strewn around the scene. It is one more complicating factor.

Sometimes a key might not be the most convenient, but for some that little piece of metal turns out to be worth the extra effort.

Post Author: Steve Sarantos

Steve Sarantos spent his first 20 years after education, working in the auto industry, retail, and importing from the orient. Most of the positions were sales, or negotiating with vendors, which gave him a wealth of experience working directly with people and what it takes to make things work for both parties.
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