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Driving Telematics

The concept of  paying an insurance rate based on what kind of driver you are isn’t new. Neither is using “black box” monitors or phone apps to grade your driving and qualify you for a discount.

This year, though, has seen the idea get very widespread. It’s called ‘driving telematics’ and it’s easy to see why. It’s simple, leads to safer driving, and should lower your rates.

Here’s how it works

Sign up for the program with your provider (just contact us and we’ll help you with that). Then, using an app on your smartphone*, your insurer will use your good driving habits to give you a discounted policy. Once enabled, it will start recording information about your driving behavior which is typically sent to your insurer wirelessly that they’ll use to establish the discount.

Discounts range from 5%-30%, depending on your driving score. Some companies monitor your driving for a few months then finalize the discount. Others monitor your driving as part of the program.

Who offers these programs?

What are the benefits?

Discounted rates – This is the main benefit, of course. Better driving means lower risk means lower cost.
Safe driving feedback – Let’s face it. We’re all more alert to what we do when we know someone is keeping tabs. What do these apps watch? Fast starts, fast driving, fast turns, hard braking, and time of day (actually, night). Being aware of your driving habits and knowing that you’re driving safely is definitely beneficial.
Other drivers – You may not be the only one driving that car. If you have a young driver, for example, you’ll benefit from knowing others are driving your car safely.\

How do you sign up?

Enrolling is easy. You just call us at 651-451-0101, use our contact form, or contact your Reliable Insurance Agent directly, and let them know you want to sign up for the safe driving discount. From there, you just set up an app on your smart phone and you’re good to go.*

*Some companies offer a device that plugs into your onboard diagnostics port (OBD-II), which is in all cars sold in the US since 1996.

Post Author: Steve Sarantos

Steve Sarantos spent his first 20 years after education, working in the auto industry, retail, and importing from the orient. Most of the positions were sales, or negotiating with vendors, which gave him a wealth of experience working directly with people and what it takes to make things work for both parties.
When he decided to go into business for himself, insurance seemed like the perfect venue. Help people with something most knew very little about, get the right product for the right price. Everyone has to have it in or form or another, so all you have to do to be successful is be honest, keep your promises, and offer people what they want. Someone to talk to about insurance that will give them choices and straight talk.
After starting Reliable Insurance Network from scratch in 1996, it is now a thriving family business with clients in MN, WI, and AZ. Reliable Insurance Network continues to refine it's processes, use technology to stay flexible, and let clients work with them in whatever way is comfortable for them, and provide top companies and rates along with superior service so everyone is happy.